Twice a year ACE Venture Lab organises a Bootcamp – a fully sponsored intensive training program for researchers, senior scientists and MSc students. Offering unique workshops and mentorship from the best startup experts, the Bootcamp helps you to convert your idea into a successful business.


The Bootcamp covers all stages of business creation and development, teaching you how to translate your science or tech concept into a feasible company. During the program you will test your business assumptions, analyze potential challenges and learn how to make your idea an attractive proposition for investors and customers. Our accomplished mentors will help you to gain entrepreneurial s
kills and get inspired about starting your own company.

Day 1: From science and technology to business

Day 2: Testing your business assumptions
Day 3: Open office, mentoring
Day 4: Spotting opportunities
Day 5: Presenting your business

Learn from the best

Join our community of outstanding entrepreneurs and take the right steps toward launching your business. This is your chance to learn from the most acknowledged mentors and professionals in the industry!

Selection criteria

A committee of experienced entrepreneurs and investors will choose 10 teams. Our ideal applicants are expe
cted to meet the following requirements:

  1. They are Master or PhD students, researchers, senior scientists or technology professionals
  2. Their team is curious, ambitious and passionate about the idea they pursue
  3. They have an innovative science or tech business concept/product in one of the following fields:
    • Advanced Instrumentation
    • Advanced IT, Big Data, AI and Robotics
    • Chemical & Advanced Materials
    • Medical & Health Technology
    • Clean & Sustainable Technology
  4. They are willing to set up their business in the Amsterdam region
  5. They have a potential for growth and ambition to scale up internationally

Applications are closed for the May Bootcamp!

You can still apply via  this form and we will contact you before the next Bootcamp (November 2016).

This program is fully sponsored by the Amsterdam academic institutes and our partners.

The Bootcamp is only the beginning

After the Bootcamp a selection committee evaluates the startups’ performance and potential. The most qualified candidates will proceed with a 10-week Acceleration Program that is a part of our two-year Growth Program.


For any inquires or questions, contact us at

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Next Bootcamp will take place in November 2016.