Startup Launch Class

Have you passed the stage of a founder with an idea? Done with learning from books? Looking to take your start-up to the next level? Startup Launch Class challenges you to sign up.


Startup Launch Class is a collaboration between ACE Venture Lab, ING and Strategiemakers. By joining forces we are able to provide a unique course which has never been available for student start-ups before. In this hands-on 10 week program you will accelerate your start up, validate your business model, and develop a life lasting entrepreneurial skillset.


We’ll flip the way you learn by taking you out of the classroom, connect and learn with 10-12 other start ups and give you a real world experience within a lean startup teaching method. With the provided support from entrepreneurs, consultants and a dedicated mentor you’ll get an amazing learning experience on developing your business model.


A new edition of Startup Launch Class will start in the fall of 2017, with 10-12 startup teams. Work sessions will be every Friday morning, and an online lecture takes place on Mondays. However, the program will also ask dedicated own time (e.g. for 1-on-1 mentoring time and talking to customers).

Details about the next Startup Launch Class will be online shortly.