ACE-scan – Entrepreneurship Test

What type of entrepreneur are you?

Successful entrepreneurs possess specific qualities such as creativity, perseverance and the willingness to take risks. These are qualities that are also increasingly demanded by employers.

Are you curious about which entrepreneurial qualities you have or how you can develop these? Do you have networking skills? Are you a risk-taker and market conscious? Flexible and creative? Or a result driven go-getter? With this online entrepreneurship test, the ACE-scan, you will gain insight into your entrepreneurship skills.

Take the entrepreneurship test

Do you wish to take the (free) ACE-scan? Send an e-mail with your name, phone number and student number to You will then receive an invitation to take the test.

The ACE-scan is offered to you by ACE in cooperation with the Career Advisory Center of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). 

Dream realization
“I can definitely recommend taking the ACE-scan! The test revealed my strongest qualities and weaknesses as an entrepreneur. With a professional coach, I delved into questions that I had and tackled my insecurities. I now realize how many opportunities I have and how much knowledge I already posses. You don’t have to dig deep. To me, realizing my dream of becoming an entrepreneur has become very real and tangible”.