Startup Village Update

Update about the progress of development of realizing Startup Village Amsterdam. Read here about the opening of the Innovation Lab, the building of the event space, and the new startups who have taken residence in the edgy shipping container offices. The Village is still expanding, which means new available office spaces! Interested? Contact us!

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Venture Lab Humanities Bootcamp

This February, for the first time, ACE Venture Lab organized a Humanities Bootcamp, simultaneously with our regular Tech- and Science Bootcamp. Meet the ten startup teams here!

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Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship now University Incubator

Since the management agreement of the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE) ended in 2016, ACE’s role as incubator is the only function still present; via the Venture Lab. Now, as University Incubator, we are growing fast, because of a strong team, collaboration with IXA, the opening of the Startup Village, and funding from corporations, the city of Amsterdam, and the university.

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