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Celebrating collaboration with MoneYou


On January 3rd, Startup Village and MoneYou officially celebrated the start of their collaboration. MoneYou is adopting the co-working space at Startup Village. With their help, we will turn this into an innovative center where science talents and entrepreneurial minds can meet.

Pioneers in banking

Startup Village and MoneYou not only share a common location at Amsterdam Science Park but also share DNA, whilst both stimulate the development of innovative products and ideas. MoneYou is a pioneer in banking, by offering digital banking products, savings, loans, investments and mortgages in four different European countries.

In 2017, MoneYou aims to become a full digital bank and will gradually expand its products and geographic scope. Making MoneYou a true FinTech based on modern technology and agile principles will furthermore ensure a close interaction with clients.

MoneYou is a 100% daughter company of ABN AMRO Bank N.V.