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Startup Village Update


It has been a while ago since the last Startup Village Update, so it is about time to give you a newsflash! We have reached the final phase of realization of the Village before its Grand Opening in June, and giant steps are being made in its development. New offices are still being added, which means new office spaces in our characterizing shipping container offices are available, contact us if you are interested in renting one! In the mean time, read up here on the opening of the Innovation Lab, the building of the event space, and the new startups who have taken residence in Startup Village.

Innovation LAB Opening

The most recent contribution to Startup Village is the Info Support Innovation LAB! Designed by Studio Mind, the LAB aims at creating an inspiring workspace that provides the tools to unleash creativity, to boost effectivity and to accelerate innovation by hacking into a create mindset. The Innovation Lab concept is based on the belief that in order to break out of our habits, we need to break out of our regular form of working, out of our offices as well. The space is flexibly equipped, with movable tables, couches and roomdivider.

With the Innovation Lab, Info Support aims at bridging the gaps between corporates, startups, science and academics. They believe real innovation arises from an open collaboration between students, professionals and entrepreneurs, by talking to each other and exchanging ideas. Therefore, multiple meetups and knowledge sessions will be organized with students and startups.

We predict that many creative, innovative ideas will be born here! For more info and photos, check the website:

Newest Residents

Since Startup Village is still expanding steadily, new workspaces become available regularly, providing opportunities for new tenants! Our latest new residents are HurryQ and Zazu, which are both student startups who took part in the Minor Entrepreneurship of the University of Amsterdam. On top of this, Zazu also participated in the ACE Venture Lab Bootcamp in February, in which they won the demo pitch!

Zazu is your new artificially intelligent personal assistent! Through an email-based, on-demand service, Zazu operates as your personal assistent by scheduling meetings through AI and machine learning, for which all you have to do is add “her” email address to the cc-field. Then you don’t have to worry about your appointments anymore, as Zazu keeps track of and notifies you where you need to go and when.

HurryQ is an app that will stand in line for you! They believe standing in line is old-fashioned: why not stand in line digitally so you can enjoy your free time? If you arrive at a queue where HurryQ is active, you step in line digitally through the HurryQ app, after which you can enjoy your free time until the app notifies you that it’s almost your turn, so you will arrive right on time!

We are very glad to welcome these two young startup teams to the Village! Since Startup Village is still expanding, new containers are still opening up to provide office space to startups. So, don’t hesitate to contact us ( if you are interested in becoming a resident!

Event Space

In the beginning of March, we finally also started the construction of the long-awaited Event Space! It has been fully adopted by our neighbours of Equinix, who will also be celebrating their official opening here in June. The Event Space will be available for us, our partners, and third parties who want to host tech- or science-events relevant for Startup Village and Amsterdam Science Park. When it’s done, it will be able to host up to 200 people! This space will be a great contribution to the Village for building towards a close community, by providing opportunities to meet and inform each other, socialize and network. The Grand Opening will be in June, stay tuned and be there!