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Want to become a student investor?


Following the example of Twente’s Dutch Student Investment Fund, Amsterdam will get its very own student-run venture capital fund. The Amsterdam Student Investment Fund will be run entirely by ambitious students, starting this September. Students can apply before June 1st!

Student-run Venture Capital

The founders of the Amsterdam Student Investment Fund (ASIF) believe that if you give talented students true responsibility, magical things can happen. That’s why the ASIF is a real company, with real money, real startups, and real ambitions. As a full-time board member, you will literally run your own venture capital fund. You assess business plans, decide on when to invest in what startups, help promising entrepreneurs reach their full potential, attract capital, and keep your shareholders happy.

Wanted: four board members

The ASIF is now looking for its very first board members. Four ambitious students from Amsterdam will get the opportunity to challenge themselves in a unique way, and you can apply to be one of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re studying finance, biology or French. Neither does it matter if you’re studying at the HvA, UvA or VU – if you’re talented, eager to learn, and sport an entrepreneurial mindset, this might just be your year.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, check out the WEBSITE for more information on how to apply!