Startup and running

Startup and running is the online platform for startups that were founded by students of the UvA Minor Entrepreneurship. On this platform you will find all startups, which are (still) up and running, that have been set up by current and former students of the Minor Entrepreneurship.

During the Minor Entrepreneurship students start a startup while being coached by professionals. Next to that they gain useful entrepreneurial skills through practical workshops. The Minor Entrepreneurship is offered by the Amsterdam Business School (University of Amsterdam) and Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship and starts twice a year (September and February). Around 30 startups are brought to life each year.

Amsterdam Business School
Plantage Muidergracht 12
1018 TV Amsterdam
Room 4.25, +3120 525 4352

Coordinators Minor Entrepreneurship:
Dr. Bram Kuijken (1st semester)
Dr. Yuval Engel (2nd semseter)

More information for potential students can be found: here.

Interested in sponsoring the Minor?
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Business angel?
Some of the startups are looking for angel investors, contact us for more details.

Writing about one of the startups?
Contact us for contact details or contact the startups directly.

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“The minor is a great opportunity to learn about how to set up a company. I really enjoyed it and after the minor we continued our startup.”
Luuk Ballhaus, Random Records