What the startups say about our programs

ACE Venture Lab startups share their experience of participating in the accelerator’s programs. 

janine stubbeJanine Stubbe – Umance

“The process for developing Umance’s venture this far would have taken us 3 months by ourselves.  With the ACE Venture Lab Bootcamp, we managed to do it in 4 days”.


jk1Julia Kiseleva – UserSat

“Bootcamp helped our team to realize the value of our idea, come up with better business model and realize what should be done to release the product”.


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAcMAAAAJGExNjRiNDg4LWYzOTQtNDYyYi1iMGYwLTBlNTVjN2I2NzZhZAaBtk-qqXPierre van den Oord, Jeroen van Oorschot – Loqed

“An intense week that really helps to crystallize and idea into a proper startup”.
“In the Bootcamp you can get your business idea challenged by experienced investors and entrepreneurs, to make your idea ready for execution”.



Bruno Dagnio – Metrica Sports

“During the Bootcamp we have already signed our first customer and we were quite advanced in our idea. I think we improved the way we communicate with our customers, how we get to know what they want, what features we should develop for them. During the program we realized that you should really ask your customers about their expectations and also work on your pitch and strategy”.


sanderSander Kluwer – InCatT (UvA spin-off)

“Ace Venture Lab has been a bridge for InCatT B.V. The resources, legal and financial mentorship has strengthened, challenged and reinforced the structure of our business. They have facilitated connections to people and opportunities that are otherwise difficult to obtain. The weekly mentorship on market strategies helped us look further than we had ourselves envisioned. The bridges Ace Venture Lab helped us build ultimately accelerated our business, widened our vision, created opportunities, and helped us build a strong foundation for our future growth.”


“Being part of the ACE Venture Lab program and being coached by different mentors makes you see your business ideas from various perspectives. The lean method provides essential elements for starting your own company, defining the market and building customer relations. For me as designer it was very interesting to see the product more as a result of a business strategy than the core itself. ACE Venture Lab is a great platform to benefit not only from the knowledge but also to get in exchange with other startups and approaches.”


Andrea Candelli – Lumicks  (VU spin-off)

“Being part of ACE Venture Lab Bootcamp was tremendously helpful. It inspired me and helped
me organize my thoughts and make a plan on how to start my own company.”